Age & Opportunity Video Editing 1: Samhain videos

Toward the end of the summer last year, I started volunteering at Age & Opportunity, an organisation that promotes the participation of older people in Irish society. The volunteering has ended, but I still do some occasional work with them.

Samhain was an autumnal event exploring themes of later life and death through music and poetry. I did some camera work at the event, held at the National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street, on 1 November.

I edited this footage for A&O, and they recently uploaded them. The first is from three interviews with Samhain participants (I was behind the camera, not asking the questions):

The second is of the performance that evening. Again, I was behind the camera, so I have to take responsibility for the out-of-focus head of an audience member blocking a significant portion of the screen throughout, and for the low volume of the spoken segments (I had the audio recorder by the camera rather than right in front of the performance).

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